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Optimal Report Generator is a powerful, cross-platform, multi-datasource Java design application. It provides reporting solutions for users who need to combine visual report layout and generation with programmatic data input. It supports both JDBC 2 compliant DBMS as source of data and programmatic data entered from a user program through Report Generator API. A report can have multiple sources of data. The data of your report can be filtered, grouped and sorted based on your criteria.Report Generator Designer is a MDI report designer that helps you design, preview and print your reports. It provides reporting solutions for users who need to combine visual report layout and generation with programmatic data input. The reports can be deployed into stand-alone Java/C/C++ applications or can be published online using Web technologies (JSP, Servlet, PHP). Report Generator Designer is written 100% in Java (using the Swing GUI toolkit and providing customizable and consistent look-and-feel) to provide cross-platform functionality, and runs on any Java 1.3 (or newer) enabled platform. It provides a rich set of objects for building report layouts (including charts, polylines and polygons) A report can have one or more attached datasources, so that its data may be provided by one or more databases or user programs. Report Generator API is a Java package, which allows the use of databases within the datasources, regardless of the latter s type. Using Report Generator API classes you can feed data into your report directly from your application s source code (Java or C++). Optimal Report Generator Runtime System is a Java runtime engine for previewing and printing reports in Java or Windows (through JNI) applications. Using JNI technology you can use our runtime from Windows, Linux (or other operating systems) applications as simple as for Java applications.

Systems: Windows

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